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Agustín Teruggi

I'm an Industrial Designer (UNMDP) with experience and passion for advertising and marketing. I deve...

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Melissa Nencioni

I'm a freelance web designer specialized in building custom websites in Webflow.

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Raquel Cátedra Guerrero

Emprendedora entusiasta con ganas de seguir aprendiendo. Me dedico al diseño de páginas web (blogs, ... profile picture

Karen Dinalli

Hello! I am a freelance multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Barcelona, Spain since 2018. I a...

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Ogi Karam

I am artist, mediator and social entrepreneur. Digital native. If you want to start your idea an...

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Anton Shineft

Passionate designer always looking for new project.

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Bia Mayo

I’m a Brazilian Design Strategist based in Barcelona. All my work is guided by analyzes, research, a...