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Evelyn Nour

Corporate and labour lawyer living in Barcelo a

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Irina Rudakova

Hi there! I’m an interior designer. Looking forward to new creative projects. When a place is well t...

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shuangshuang liu

I'm a product designer specialized in furniture design. I'm from china and I moved to barcelona one ...

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Responsible, committed, flexible, assertive, methodical and empathetic. Eager to continue learning a...

Accounting Services

Monthly Gestoría

from €50 + VAT / month

Get an English, Spanish or French speaking gestor to do your taxes and quarterly declarations.

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Autónomo Incorporation

€95 + VAT

Get started as an autónomo. Social security, tax agency, and digital signature setup included.

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Yearly Income Declaration

€95 + VAT

Save a lot of nerves and let us do the yearly income declaration for you.

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